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Six handcrafted, freshly baked cookies that are sure to make even the pickiest of foodies blush. Each week's menu is carefully curated to highlight a variety of delicious flavors that will wrap you in a warm blanket of nostalgia with each bite, creating a moment so sweet, you'll never forget it. New flavors drop every Friday morning!

chocolate lava

warm cookie

Our Chocolate Lava Cookie is a true masterpiece, with a soft and chewy chocolate cookie exterior giving way to a flowing center of melted chocolate ganache. Every bite is a symphony of rich and indulgent flavors, satisfying both your sweet tooth and your heart.


death by red velvet

warm cookie

This sinfully delicious treat is made with rich red velvet dough and loaded with an abundance of chocolatey goodness - milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and white chocolate chips. This cookie is a chocolate lover’s dream!

death by red velvet transback_edited.png

biscoff explosion

warm cookie

A soft and chewy cookie butter dough, packed with chunks of crunchy Biscoff cookies, white chocolate chips and infused with even more Biscoff cookie butter. The final touch? A drizzle of melted cookie butter, so indulgent and creamy, you'll want to bathe in it. This is not your average cookie, it's a full-blown explosion of flavors and textures that will have your taste buds begging for more.


the circus

warm cookie

Made with our signature vanilla dough, loaded with crunch nonpareil sprinkles, and packed with chunks of frosted animal cookies, each bite will bring a smile to your face. To top it off, we've drizzled it with a generous amount of creamy pink vanilla chocolate, making every bite even more irresistible!

the circus_edited.png
chilled cookie

Surprise your sweetheart with a delicious dessert that is as decadent as your love. The perfect blend of rich chocolate, fluffy whipped cream, and smooth chocolate mousse will have you both indulging in pure bliss. Topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of shaved dark chocolate, every bite is a love letter to your taste buds.


french silk pie

crave chocolate chip

warm cookie

you’ve never had a better chocolate chip cookie!! stuffed to the max with guittard milk chocolate chips and and baked to perfection, our original chocolate chip is to die for.  semi-sweet chunk is available every thursday.


loaded sodas

limitless flavor possibilities

choose one of our crave favorites or create your own.  your choice of soda, creams, flavored syrups, purees, and boba popping pearls.  the sky is the limit with our loaded soda menu!


contact us

experiencing a cookie dilemma or just want to share some love?  send us a message using this form and a crave crew member will get back to you asap!


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