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Join The Crave Crew

Job Application:

Thank you!  We'll be in touch!


Q.What would I do as a Crave Crew Member?

A.You are the face of Crave.  Each day you will be the one greeting our customers and serving up the best cookies in the world.  You will also be responsible for mixing sodas, decorating cookies, and keeping the warmer/chiller stocked.

Q.What would I do as a Crave Baker?

A.Bakers are the foundation of our crew.  Each morning you will mix and prepare cookie dough prior to the store opening.  

Q.What would I do as a Crave Shift Lead?

A.Shift Leads keep our store running when the store manager isn't around.  You will share the same responsibilities as a Crave Crew Member.  You will also need to understand general management responsibilities, store opening and closing procedures, and how to make dough if we ever run out later in the day!

Q.What are the job qualifications?

A.You must be at least 16 years old to operate our equipment.  Oh ya...and you MUST love cookies!

Q.What’s the pay?

A.Pay varies depending on location.  Submit an application above and we will be in contact with more info!

Q.Is it full-time or part-time?

A.The Store Manager is full-time, all other positions are part time.

Q.Is the job physically demanding?

A.All crew members must be able to lift an carry relatively heavy objects (bags of flour, mixing bowls).

Q.Will I get to eat cookies?

A.YES!  FREE Cookies and Soda whenever you are on the clock!

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